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Research Team

This project is a collaboration between Lund University Historical Museum, Lund University Library and various departments of the university. The team members represent the fields of history, archaeology, Latin language studies, anthropology, museology, geology, botany and zoology. This combined expertise is necessary to tackle the diverse material and questions posed in the project.

Per Karsten, archaeologist and director of Lund University Historical Museum. He has vast expertise in museology and archaeology and extensive knowledge of the collection. He will act as both researcher and facilitator for the project team.

Magdalena Naum, historical archaeologists affiliated with Lund University (LU) interested in cross-cultural encounters and the role of material culture in these meetings with expertise in colonial America and Lapland. She will research biographies of North American objects and study the issues of representing the world in the Museum and the emotional aspects of collecting.

Jacqueline Van Gent, historian at the University of Western Australia, specializing in gender history, the history of emotions and history of ethnographic collecting in Australia. Chief Investigator at the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotions (1100–1800). Van Gent will research the gendered nature of collecting networks such as the SOIC (especially Colin Campbell) and the object biographies of Australian artefacts. With M Naum she will explore the role of emotions in these collecting networks and in contemporary exhibition practices. 

Ulf Johansson Dahre, social anthropologist at LU and former head of the Ethnographic Collection at the National Museum of Denmark, specializing in ethnographic museum studies and the cultures of the Pacific. Dahre will research the epistemological underpinnings of the re-emergence of the cabinet of curiosities and the Pacific artifacts in the collection.

Andreas Manhag, antiquarian at Lund University Historical Museum specializing in clerical and cultural history. He has extensive knowledge of the collection and will work with reconstructing the original content of the museum and chronologies and histories of subsequent acquisitions through archival research.

Håkan Håkansson, historian of sciences at LU and head of the manuscripts and special collections department at LUB. His research focuses on early modern intellectual history. He will focus on Kilian and Florentina Stobaeus' networks, making use of the correspondence and archival records at LUB and other libraries to investigate how the creation of the Museum was dependent on both personal contacts and contemporary world view.

Joachim Östlund, historian at LU. He works with early modern Swedish trade networks, scientific expeditions, and cross-cultural encounters with particular expertise in the Ottoman Empire. He will research the biographies of Ottoman/Turkish or “Oriental” objects in the collection, contexts and networks of their acquisition.

Per Ahlberg, historical geologist and paleontologist at LU, with wide expertise in fossil collections, cataloguing and curation of fossils from various parts of the world. He will research Stobaeus’ collections of minerals and fossils together with M Eriksson.

Mats Eriksson, paleontologist at LU with interest in the history and development of paleontology and the birth of geological museums, in which Stobaeus was a contributing force. Eriksson is head curator for the type collection at the Department of Geology and will, alongside Ahlberg, research identity of the fossils in Stobaeus’ collection.

Ulf Arup, botanist at the Biological Museum in Lund leading the Botanical section. His expertise includes identifying botanical material and will study plants and related material.

Maria Mostadius, curator of Zoological Collection at Biological Museum in Lund. She has a background in history and archival studies and experience in object research. She will do research the zoological objects in Stobaeus’ collection.

Cajsa Sjoberg, latinist at LU.

Gitte Tarnow Ingvardson, archaeologist and curator of the Coin Cabinet at Lund University Historical Museum. She will investigate Stobaeus’ collection of 606 coins and medals, their origins and displaying practices.