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How to access our facilities

Lund Nano Lab (LNL) is an open research facility that is available to both academic research groups, start-up and company users. Our world-class clean room facility is equipped with state-of-the-art semiconductor processing and metrology equipment.

Our facilities

We welcome all users to access the equipment for fundamental research and development in the fields of materials science, nanotechnology, microelectronics, life science and quantum technology.
LNL is staffed with metrology, equipment and process experts who are available to train and guide you. We also educate students enrolled at Lund University and participate in outreach activities for the local community and society.
The Lund Nano Lab has been a member of Myfab, the Swedish Research Infrastructure for Micro and Nano Fabrication since 2016.
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Cleanroom facility

ISO 5 and ISO 7 cleanroom facility for cutting edge nano- and micro-fabrication.
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24/7 access for accredited academic research and company users.
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Fabrication and analysis of structures on the micro- and nanometer-scale.
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Wide range of equipment for Growth, Lithography, Deposition, Etch and Characterisation.