Coins and medals

The coins and medals were sold to Lund University by the widow of Kilian Stobaeus.


Bild på sex av de mynt som kan tillhöra Stobæus mynt- och medaljsamling.
En liten del av det som möjligen kan vara Stobæus mynt- och medaljsamling.


Kilian Stobaeus’s collection of 604 coins and medals was not included in the 1735 donation. The coin cabinet was only established in 1745 when Florentina Stobaeus sold her late husband’s collection of coins and medals to Lund University. Subsequent purchases and changes to the collection make the identification of Stobaeus’s objects in the current coin cabinet (stored at Lund University Historical Museum) difficult. However, the original inventory from the sale gives an insight into the types of coins and medals Stobeaus collected. The collection contained 2 gold medals, 16 gold coins, 147 larger silver coins, 199 small silver coins, 127 bronze medals, 43 bronze coins, 52 iron coins, 16 Kufic coins and 2 Roman coins.

Stobaeus published three dissertations discussing coins and numismatics: De Re numismatica, De numis et sigilis Lundensibus and De Nummulo Brattensburgensi.