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Welcome to the Historical Museum at Lund University

Information in English about the Historical Museum at Lund University.

Bild på Historiska museet

Contact the museum

Telephone: +46 46 222 79 44
Email: reception [at] luhm [dot] lu [dot] se

Find the museum

The museum is located in central Lund, close to the Cathedral. The adress is Krafts torg 1, Lund.
Here is a map on Google Maps to the museum.

Take a virtual tour of the museum

Look at panoramic photos from the museum exhibitions.

The Historical Museum in social media

Like us Facebook and get news about our activities for both adult and young.
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For kids

Find the animals in the museum collection! Get a map in the lobby and follow the numbers on the map. Leave your answers in the lobby and get a prize. Contact us to learn more: reception [at] luhm [dot] lu [dot] se


The museum has the following exhibitions:

  • The Zoological Gallery
  • Classical Antique Collection
  • Liturgical Objects from Medieval Scania
  • Kilian Stobaeus Cabinet of Curiosities
  • Stone Age and Bronze Age Hall
  • The Coin Cabinet. Treasures from Scania
  • Medieval Church Art
  • The Cathedral Museum
  • Barbaricum: Iron age Scania
  • Sösdala: The Horsemen
Foto på tprkad blomma.

Closed until December 2

Due to the pandemic, we have been forced to close the museum until December 2, when we deeply hope that an improved prognosis will allow us to welcome you back.

Regular opening hours

We are currently closed due to the increased spreading of covid-19. We deeply regret this.

Entry fee

Adult: 50 SEK.
Free entrance for anyone under the age of 18.